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About us

Silk Orchid Corsetry is a small business with a unique perspective on fashion that is illustrated beautifully in every corset made.

The girl behind the business is Zahra Killin who will create, design and produce the custom corset best suited to you.

Zahra Loves it when her customers come to her with new and unique ideas for their corsets as this ensures they are always a one of a kind product.

To date, Silk Orchid Corsetry has had their work displayed across a number of publications and mediums including Magazines (see below), blogs and professional art sites. As more people find Silk Orchid, the company's good reputation is growing. Watch this space for future accomplishments.

Featured Item

Featured Item - Chiloh Corset

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Thank you so much for the beautiful corsets you made for me and my mum, there stunning and extremly well made.

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