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Caring For your Corset


All corsets need to be worn the correct way up, wearing them the wrong way can damage the corset, and more importantly, potentially cause you harm. All Silk Orchid Corsets come with a clothing label, facing the right way, so long as you have the corset on, with the label text facing the right way, you know you’ll be wearing it correctly.

Lacing into your corset properly is also very important. It is recommended that you loosen laces fully before trying to put corset on. If the corset has a busk, clip the busk up now. If the corset laces in the front as well, lace up the front to how you want it first. Next you take in the slack of the lacing in the back, to do this, take hold of the ribbon where the loop is (approximately the centre of the back) once slack has been taken in, slowly start pulling it tighter. I recommend going from top to middle, then bottom to middle. Repeat this process until your corset is comfortable.

When removing your corset please remember to loosen laces fully before attempting to get out of it. Trying to squeeze out of it without loosening first places unnecessary strain on the busk and corset.


All Corsets are Dry Clean Only due to the steel content. Please research your dry cleaner before choosing, and make sure they specialise in corset cleaning. They need to know that this product contains Fray Stopper in the seams.

If possible, try to just air out your corset, and lightly sponge the inside of it with warm water, this will keep caring costs down. Wearing a boob tube, or other light item underneath will also reduce the amount of Cleaning required.

Keep Corsets out of Direct Sunlight, and try to store hanging.

Be gentle to your corset, they are built to be sturdy when wearing, but not to be thrown around and treated roughly, they are a work of art and deserve to be treated well.

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