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Corset Construction

All Silk Orchid Corsets are constructed with Spiral Steel boning throughout, with Spring or Rigid steel in the back next to the grommets, depending on your needs.

Grommets, are two part, and set with a professional press, so they will never come loose and fall out.

All seams are reinforced with an overlocker and bone casing, which means there are at least 5 lots of sewing on each seam, pretty strong!

Grommets and busk holes are reinforced with a special product to prevent fraying of the fabric.

All corsets are made with a strength layer, interfacing and of course your choice of fashion fabrics.


While Silk Orchid Corsets are not Custom Sized corsets, They are Semi Custom. Which means, they are made to the closest size to your measurements, and tweaked a little for a better fit, ie, made longer if you are taller than standard, made shorter if you are shorter than standard, taken in at hips if you are very small through the hips. We do not do mockups.

Corset Care.

Please visit our corset care page.

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Featured Item - Chiloh Corset

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Thank you so much for the beautiful corsets you made for me and my mum, there stunning and extremly well made.

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