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Frequent Questions

Do you have a showroom where I can view your work?

Currently no, but I am based close to the city and my current stock is available for viewing by appointment.

Is my information kept private?

You betcha, the only emails you will get will be from me, letting you know about your order, and occasionally if I am having a sale.

How can I pay?

You can pay in Cash (Local orders only), Money Order or Direct Bank Deposit.

Tell me about your shipping policies?

I will ship local and International.

Local shipping is in Express Post bags. A small light item will be $9, a larger corset or light outfit will be $12, and anything heavier than that will need to be quoted when you place your order.

International Shipping is Airmail and Insured. Light items and small corsets will range from between $20-40, Heavier corsets and light outfits will range from $30-45, and Heavy, very expensive outfits will be up to about $65 (this is fully insured, and that’s why it’s expensive) I do not make any profit on shipping at all, and will never ask you for more money if I have been charged more than I quoted you.

All items ship immediately after the order is completed provided all payments have been made.

Do you accept returns?

Only in very special circumstances, and only at my discretion.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

Your $50 deposit will be forfeit. I start work almost immediately when you place your order, and the deposit covers my time and materials. If you change your mind, that means that those materials are then useless, and the $50 covers that.

What kind of reduction am I looking at?

I cut your corset 6" smaller than your natural waist, with a view for a 4" reduction and a 2" gap. How you wear it after that is up to you, but you should be able to get at least the 4".

What shape is best for corsets?

Any really, but it is a good idea to discuss your ideas with me before ordering so that you get a corset with the most flattering cut for your body.

Will you sell me some fabrics and/or supplies?

No, I'd hate to think of selling something and then needing those somethings immediately after. It would be better for you to buy them direct.

How long will it take me to get my corset/Item?

That depends on a few things. Did you pay in full when you placed your order? Those orders get first priority, and will often receive their order within a month. If you are layby-ing, you have up to 3 months to pay, which means I will not be rushing on your order. If you pay a rush fee, you can get your corset in 2 weeks. Obviously all of this is also affected by how busy I am when you place your order. It also will depend on supplies being in stock. I try to give you a good estimate at that time for how long. I try to keep up good communication too, so don’t be afraid to ask me how it’s going, I will generally let you know within hours.

For more information on Order Deadlines and Waiting lists please visit the Order Information page.

What else can you make?

Have a look around on the website, I make a lot of gorgeous pieces to compliment your corset. And don’t be afraid to ask me for something special if you don’t see it. I’ll let you know if it’s within my talents or not.

How do I care for and wear my corset?

Please visit my corset care page.

Are your corsets proper corsets?

They sure are. I only use steel bones. These come in Spiral (these are the bendy bones throughout) and Spring or Rigid (these are the firmer bones near the grommets) They come in a few different closure options, and they are made to be sturdy.

Can I waist train in them?

Not the standard ones. I'm still in the process of learning the ropes and waist-training corsets are not within my skill level at this time.

I'm a guy; can you make me a corset?

Not at the moment. Silk Orchid does have the Topher style corset for men but I am still learning how to make it. I hope to have this style available in the future.

I'm a cross dresser, can you make me one?

Unfortunately no. I'm still learning my way around the art of corseteering and the necessary adjustments required to make a corset intended for cross dressing are not within my skill set just yet.

Which measurements do I take?

  • Bust - Fullest part of bust and around
  • Underbust - below bust and around
  • Waist - narrowest part and around
  • Full hip - fullest part of hip and around
  • Sternum to hip - nipple line to full hip (lets me know how long the corset needs to be)

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