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Ready to wear: $230
Made to measure: Please get in contact for a quote

The Belinda Corset helps to control hips, and creates a beautiful silhouette, as well a gorgeous, more natural looking waist line. It also helps to control your stomach, helping to flatten it out.

It is a full bust style, giving bust support and coverage. The high back also helps to maintain an elegant posture.

It is a beautiful corset to wear for all sizes, and will absolutely flatter Plus Sizes. Another benefit of the Belinda style is that it has different cup sizes to offer a wonderful fit.

Fabric Recommendations

While the Belinda Style, looks lovely in casual fabrics, it’s shape would benefit from using Silks, Satins, Brocades and Lace. As it has bust gores, it is a great corset to use some alternating fabric on to bring attention to the bust, and really spice up the look of the corset.


  • Long line
  • Full Bust
  • Can come in Busk, Laceup or Panel style, although Busk is most recommended
  • High Back


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Silk Orchid is great to communicate with and makes fabulous comfortable corsets with any requests on design. All fabric and colour choices are to perfection.

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