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Ready to wear: $245
Made to measure: Please get in contact for a quote

The Cassandra Corset is a stunning overbust with moderate hip control and a small to medium waist reduction. It is great for smoothing out your figure and giving a little waist definition.

It has adjustable straps to offer a more comfortable fit, as well as allowing you to change the look a little.

The Cassandra Corset is great to wear for most size ranges, with the best range being from 28” to 40” waists.

Fabric Recommendations

The Cassandra Corset is a fairly formal looking corset, and as such will look amazing in Silks, Satins, Brocades and Lace, and will look lovely with a lace trim/flounce on bottom edge.


  • Medium hip control, longer through stomach
  • Overbust with Straps
  • Can come in Busk, Laceup or Panel style, although Busk is most recommended
  • High Back


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Thank you so much for the beautiful corsets you made for me and my mum, there stunning and extremly well made.

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